Construction of the bridge over the Amur River near the cities of Nizhneleninskoye and Tongjiang

General information

Beginning of works – June 2016.

End of works – 2021.

  • Total length: 2,209 m;
  • Length of the Russian part: 309 m;
  • Total length including approaches: 5,272.6 m;
  • Bridge layout: 60+108+132+144+16х108 m;
  • Bridge clearance: 15 m;
  • Number of piers: 21;
  • Number of navigable spans: 2.

June 2016

beginning of works


end of works

2,209 m

total length of the bridge

309 m

length of the Russian part

Project objective

The main purpose of the construction is economic integration of the Russian Far East region with the Asia-Pacific countries.

Thanks to the new bridge, the route used to deliver the products produced by the Far Eastern enterprises to customers in China and Southwest Asia countries will shorten by 1,763 km.

Also, transport infrastructure will be created to ensure the access of the Trans-Siberian Railway to the Chinese state railway through the existing Birobidzhan-Leninsk railway line across the Nizhneleninskoe-Tongjiang railway bridge crossing

Benefits from construction

After the commissioning of the bridge, the time needed to deliver the products from the Far Eastern enterprises to consumers in China and Southeast Asia will be reduced by almost 1.8 kilometers. The operation of the existing river border crossing points will no longer depend on the seasonal weather conditions.

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