Modernization of the Far Eastern Railway infrastructure in the Sakhalin Region by widening the track gauge from 1,067 mm to 1,520 mm

General information

Beginning of works – January 2018.

End of works – December 2021.

Total length of the railway sections – 454 km.

Due to its geographically scattered area, it is a unique and unprecedented project that involves reconstruction of 62 artificial structures located on the Korsakov-Arsentievka-Nogliki and Shakhty-Kholmsk sections.

January 2018

beginning of works

December 2021

end of works

53 (21 + 31 + 1) + 9 bridges

total number of structures


The construction of new bridges will be carried out:

  • on a permanent bypass;
  • on an existing axis;
  • on an existing axis with traffic organization during construction on a temporary bridge and bypass.
The SK MOST Group of Companies